Challenges with E-invites through Social Media Apps

These days, everyone prefers to send E-invites to their acquaintances for an event over the paper invites. It is eco-friendly, easy to distribute & has many other benefits. With the access to attractive design templates, it’s easy for anyone to create an E-invite too. And the next step is to Forward, Copy & Paste and presume the Invitees are Ok with it.

You must have definitely received an E-invite via Whatsapp, Email, SMS or other social platforms. How many times have these invites got lost in your digital junk? Mostly, all the times. How many times, you wanted to get more details about the event, but struggled? Mostly, many times. As an Organiser, how many times you have had to repeat the same details over and over? Mostly, all the times.

If you have an upcoming event then send invites via ‘nooi – The Invite App’. Our app helps you send an invite in an organized way and makes it easy for your Invitees to attend. E-invites sent via nooi is more than just an image or text to your invitees. Check out why!

With nooi, organizing an event is no more a hassle. Login to our website: to create your event and invite all your guests.

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