Ever received text messages or emails from people or companies, you don’t know? Wondering how did they get your phone number and other personal details? This is all because of data selling.

Data theft and data selling is a common practice in India. Your personal information is misused, circulated and sold to other people in exchange for some nominal fee.

It’s time, all the companies relook at Data privacy policy. However, it is unfortunate to see that there are a lot of small companies such as credit card DSAs and security companies that don’t even know the existence of data theft and data sales. This will come in the forefront when it manifests itself a big mishap.

Without having to wait for something big, It is important to take cognizance of sharing our personal information with anyone, Be it someone that is giving you “assured” gift and sending you to Goa or some credit card sales rep or for that matter, at security gates in Apartments and MNCs.

Privacy is getting lost in the current mechanisms of spamming users with bulk messages, WhatsApp groups and broadcasts, and other email chat groups. Organisers don’t respect the privacy of the invitees and generally resort to easier ways such as creating WhatsApp groups with multiple people in them. By doing this they are sharing personal details such as name, phone numbers of a person with other members in the group, which could potentially be misused.

It’s the organiser’s moral responsibility to respect the privacy of its guests and use platforms like nooi – The Invite App to ensure data security

At nooi, we not only take your privacy very seriously, we have ensured that the data of the invitees are also safe and don’t go into the wrong hands, and all the data are stored in secure servers. And nobody except the organizers has access to that data.

With nooi, you can send personalized invites, which will be addressed to a person’s name. We do not share the numbers with any third party. Once the event is over, the e-invite will self dissolve itself. Thereby, users will not be spammed further by unnecessary notifications and messages.

Therefore, create your events hassle-free on nooi and secure the data of all your invitees.

Download the nooi App now! Available on Google Play and App Store. Visit to know more.

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