Effectively Reaching Known Audience

One of the biggest challenges all event planners throughout the planet face is reaching out to their potential audience to make it a sure shot success.

We all know the amount of planning, and organizing an event requires. Curating an event is a huge effort, with multiple stakeholders, coordinators, customers and attendees, the need to stay on top of every little thing is primary.

Nowadays everything from food to cabs is being driven by technology. It is high time for the folks in the event space to up their game and use the right technology to make their events more effective and more importantly, Successful.

That being said, it is required for event planners to look beyond traditional marketing methods. What people tend to forget is, to tap into the potential of the existing set of the database they have. In the race to attract more people, and market their event to a newer audience, they forget to retarget the audience that is already a fan or follower and has attended the event in the past.

With nooi, reconnect with your existing set of audience by sending personalised e-invitations. Most of the event managers resort to bulk messaging, which often gets lost in the users’ digital junk or send WhatsApp broadcasts, which results in the phone number getting reported as spam and getting blocked.

nooi – The Invite App offers a variety of features to make your event managing experience more efficient. With nooi, you can track your guest’s participation status, add payment link, book a cab directly to the event, share brochures, media, and updates with the attendee, enable one-on-one chat and much more!

So, don’t choose to ignore your database. Invite them through nooi and it could be a game changer for your next event. Download the nooi App now! Available on Google Play and App Store. Visit https://www.nooitheinviteapp.com/ to know more.

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